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COVID-19 information


If we are your DJ for the 2021 season and you have concern about Covid-19 affecting your wedding, please let us know. We will attempt to reschedule to your new date and/or venue. Based on recent progress, we are anticipating a successful 2021 season. We will uphold our end of your contract as we expect you to. At this time, we are not offering any refunds for cancelations. However, you can postpone and/or use any funds towards a future date. Please note, alternate dates could have higher rates. Due to the volatility of wedding dates consistently rescheduling, please understand we cannot guarantee a specific DJ's availability for your date. We will do our best, but cannot make any guarantee.

If you are a future couple contemplating booking, but hesitant due to the ongoing pandemic. Here's how we handled the 2020 season. We had over 200 weddings reschedule! We allowed couples to postpone indefinitely and/or reschedule unlimited times. If we were not able to accommodate the new date, we offered a refund. If you read reviews from the 2021 season, you'll see just how flexible we were!

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