These are some ideas for when we get back to weddings

SEPARATIONplexiglass wall on the DJ table and place a chair on either side of DJ to prevent guests from entering behind DJ table 

SIGNAGE - use your number or get a free one from TextMe

SPEECHES - microphone covers (change with rubber gloves after all toasts) / keep your mic on a stand and use a pop filter (with metal, not nylon) / sanitize after every toast

PROTECTION! This is kinda funny, BUT, the mic covers above are porous and germs can penetrate onto your mic. The only thing that prevents that would be made of rubber ... yup ... you got it ... HOWEVER, you cannot hear anything with a condom on your mic

GERMS - probably safe to have a fan or two on your table, pointing outward to blow air back at anyone approaching the table =)

WHO THE F*CK ARE YOU? I already have a wedding requesting that all vendors wear face masks AND a pin with their face on it. Can't make this stuff up ... here's what I ordered.

*** expect many of the high end venues to require vendors wearing masks ***